Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

1. From Staff Pose – Dandasana, bring the sole of your right Chuck Taylor to the floor outside the left skinny jean.

2. Inhale and bring the right arm up near the square glasses.

3. Exhale and twist the right arm, bringing the right hand up to wax the mustache.

4. On each inhale, draw the spine long, and on each exhale, curl the mustache.

5. Ignore the court order and continue stalking that girl you had a one-night stand with 3 years ago.

Adapted instructions from about.com.

One Comment to “Half Lord of the Fishes Pose”

  1. Anjeanette says:

    Lord of the fishes pose is a wonderful twist. If you want to modify the pose, Leeann Carey has a great free yoga video that shows how to do exactly that: http://planetyoga.com/yoga-blogs/index.php/free-yoga-video-lord-of-fishes-pose/